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Nashville By The Numbers


Welcome to Nashville By The Numbers!

Beta version works best in Firefox and Google Chrome browsers!

No more hand written notes! No more photocopies! No more smartphone pictures! Now create, save, and share your own Nashville Numbers scores, whenever you want, right here at Nashville by the Numbers!

Here's how to chart a song

1.  Click on the “Chart A Song” tab at the top of this page.
2.  To add your song title and the writers name(s) at the top of your page simply:
    a.  Click the "Include Header" button.
    b.  A new box will then appear allowing you to enter in all your information.
    c.  When finished click the "OK" button.
3.  Now all you have to do is use the mouse and click on the images you want added to the page.
    a.  I – button stands for “Intro”
    b.  V – button stands for “Verse”
    c.  C – button stands for “Chorus”
    d.  T – button stands for “Turn”
    e.  B – button stands for “Bridge”
4.  To add images with input boxes such as the diamond and umlaut:
    a.  Click on the white box above the image that you want and then click on the number
    you want to go in to it. (If there are two white boxes for that image simply click on the
    next white box and then the number you want to go in that one.)
    b.  Then click on the image to have it placed on your chart.
5.  Happy creating!